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Protect Your People & Facility from Coronavirus and More

Get Your Location Professionally Disinfected So Everyone Feels Safe

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Show Your Facility Is Safe

Relieve Fear & Stress

Is Fear of COVID Preventing
Your People from Feeling Safe?

You’re responsible for ensuring your staff and visitors feel comfortable in your facility.
And you need to minimize risk to avoid downtime or loss of use. Not to mention
ensuring you don’t carry something home to your family and friends!

But properly disinfecting your facility requires special equipment, chemicals,
time and energy you just can’t afford. It’s frustrating and downright stressful!

Feel Confident
Everyone Is Safe

Relax knowing your facility
is safely disinfected
when you open your doors

Show You Can Be Trusted

Our ‘Safety Seal’ stickers
and placards instill
confidence your facility
is safe and trustworthy

Get Back to Business

Be free from COVID worries
so you can get back to
serving the people that need you

Be the Protector They Need

Many business owners and facility managers feel behind the eight ball to stay on top of the fight against Coronavirus. They are responsible for keeping their people safe and they can’t do it alone. We offer a flexible one-time or regular disinfection service to kill Coronavirus and other harmful germs. When your facility has been professionally disinfected, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your facility is safe for the people you need to protect.

Now it’s easy to protect your facility, people and yourself!

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We’ll assess your unique specifications and figure out the best disinfection schedule to meet your needs

We Disinfect & Protect
Your Facility

Our EPA-approved spray is on the COVID treatment list. It’s also non-toxic, eco-friendly and pet-safe!

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Your Disinfect & Protect Safety Seal placards and stickers demonstrate you’ve protected your most valuable resources, so you can relax and get on with what matters.

Our Equipment & Disinfectant Are Trusted
by First Responders!

Why Trust Us to Disinfect & Protect
Your Facility?

Unlike general purpose cleaning or janitorial companies, Disinfect & Protect specializes in only Coronavirus disinfection service for Charleston, SC businesses, assisted living facilities, athletic facilities, churches, private schools, medical offices, banks, private planes, boats and yachts.

Our COVID Disinfection team utilizes cordless backpacks so we can go anywhere Coronavirus or other harmful germs might live. Our electrostatic sprayer/fogger dispenses Vital Oxide, a nontoxic, environmental friendly, pet friendly disinfecting agent proven to kill the virus that causes COVID as well as many other pathogens.

We offer a flexible one-time or regular disinfection service that treats all accessible hard and soft surfaces with this EPA-approved disinfectant.

Unlike other services, we’re available after hours for your convenience – we can disinfect your facility at night or on the weekend!

We offer lightning fast response times – call us and we’ll be there within 24 hours!

If you schedule a regular disinfection service, your 5th cleaning is half-price.

Our goal is to approach you with the respect you deserve and lay out your options in an honest, straightforward way.

Pricing starts under .10 per sq. ft., minimum job cost $350 (all others have a minimum of $500).

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